Electric Car Etiquette at Work

So, here I suddenly have an electric car, and I’m in the mood to top off its battery. Fidelio sits in the lot, waiting his turn. With a total range of about  82 miles, he’s reading 60, which is probably OK, but I want to minimize range anxiety.

I wait for the morning shift to move, but by 1:30 p.m., still nothing. So, I found out that there’s an emailing list at work for #EVDrivers. I sent out a plea, with a friendly announcement of my new, blue ride, and behold! Two EV owners almost immediately responded, and I saw two free spots from my third-floor window.

Down I flew, and drove Fidelio to the ChargePoint array. He tucked in right next to Tesla.


After an hour and 49 minutes, I got a ChargePoint notification text.


So, I went down and unplugged. I had spent $1.12, and had 84 miles on my instrument panel and a full green bar on the left. I was set.


I’ve found out already about at least 10 people at work who have electric cars, and am looking forward to getting to know the ones I don’t know already. Maybe we can lobby for  a few more chargers. We can talk about new developments, and share any ideas or thoughts that could help.

The Fiat 500 is a very small car, but tonight, Fidelio carried my upright bass to orchestra rehearsal. The bass had to go in at a bit of an angle for the hatch to close, so the front passenger would be a little squeezed. But we made it. A successful first day for the little blue car.

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