Fiat 500e – Range Budgeting

When you’ve got an electric car and lots of things to do, you need to plan accordingly. Yesterday, I would have taken Fidelio, the little blue Fiat 500e, on my errands around town, but I had to top off his battery so he’d be ready for a 30-mile trip today. Also yesterday, while my wife, son and I drove to a family dinner 80 miles from home, he remained here in the driveway, tethered to the charger. I think he looks a little sad, but it could just be the camera angle and the rainy weather.


Today, he gets a nice freeway cruise into Oakland. I’m expecting little traffic, so there won’t be much chance to regenerate power. With a full battery, this should be no problem.

I’m sure this range business will be part of my life as long as my three-month test lasts, and it takes thinking and planning–something you don’t do with a normal gas-powered car. But I’m already finding that it helps you reduce driving in general, and cleverly combine trips to maximize economy. As long as you have a petroleum-drinking second car around, it’s all possible.


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