200 Mile Electric Range Means Progress

Chevy Bolt

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, two important electric cars are making their debut now. One, the Chevrolet Bolt, has been teased for months, but now it’s slated for arrival at the end of this new year! The exciting thing? It boasts a 200-mile range–a game changer in the everything but Tesla electric car field. That could make the difference in choosing electric over gas.


The other intro was VW’s BUDD-e, which disappointed some by not being the next Microbus, but with its sleek boxiness, it could be trendy, and it’s supposed to get well over 200 miles per charge. It’s not a 2016 or 2017 model, though, sorry, but it demonstrates a platform that will underlie numerous other VW electric products. Great timing, with the “Dieselgate” crisis still on folks’ minds.

As eager as you may be to buy an electric now, there’s a real incentive to wait, if the Bolt is as good as it looks. With the new Volt beside it in the showroom, this is a strong set of green rides from a surprising source.



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