Charging Where You Find It

This weekend, I had an unusual schedule. I played short musical sets for two different events–one each day–in the same building at a local college! In fact, I stood not more than 10 feet away from my Saturday show when I did Sunday’s. I played different basses, too,for different kinds of music.

But this isn’t about music. It’s about a charging opportunity. Normally, I charge the car at work, or occasionally, at home. Home is slow, at Level 1 household current, but it helps top off the tank, so to speak.

However, when I pulled into my musical destination this Saturday, I was looking for a parking spot close to the door. I saw one, and when I got close, realized it was for electric charging! I could plug in to ChargePoint while I was playing. Hooray! As it turned out, I filled the battery to 100% while I was playing my 12 minutes with my band, Tablues, and listening to the other bands in the 53rd Annual Hayward Battle of the Bands.


Today, Sunday, I performed with the Castro Valley Chamber Orchestra in a classical show featuring Bizet and Strauss. This time, I knew where to park, and snagged a spot. I even had a 500e companion! That’s 2 for 2. It’s lucky when you can use your car’s down time to charge up.


Interesting side note. Today, as I drove to the college where the music was happening, a woman in a Lexus waved to me as we were stopped at a light. I rolled down the window. She asked me how I had driven my little electric Fiat 500e all the way from Michigan! You see, Fidelio, my test car, comes from there and wears a Michigan rear license plate. He was trucked here before being turned over to me. Of course, driving an electric car that’s not a Tesla across the country would be nearly impossible–or certainly very challenging. Funny.

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