My Chevrolet Bolt – Pending Production


As wait for my Chevrolet Bolt to arrive, I’ve joined two Facebook Chevrolet Bolt groups and other forums. I’m learning more about how cars are built.

I’ve ordered two cars before. The first was my Saturn, back in 1990, and I heard nothing until it was there to pick up. I think I may have simply received a car that matched my request, rather than having it custom assembled for me at the factory. Another time, I ordered a car for my wife. They said it would be two months and it ended up being six weeks. But I never had any idea of the flow.

So, in this day of instant information, I was expecting to hear from my salesman that my car was getting loaded on the truck and was on its way. But so far, no news.

Then, I read on a forum about the Chevrolet Live Chat line, and tried that. Presto! In a few seconds I found out that my car, with its six-digit alphanumeric ID number, was in the Broadcast status–meaning they have set up the computer at the plant to build it. The Targeted Production Week (TPW) is next week–12/12/16. I signed up to get weekly updates, too.

I’m a little disappointed, because that means the car could arrive in January, but there’s really nothing I can do about it. I didn’t put the absolute first order in (my salesman said he had a bunch of them already), so I’ll just wait. There’s not really any rush, is there?

There’s a lot of talk about the Bolt, with it winning awards and all. I’ve even see the electric billboard on my commute showing it as the Motor Trend Car of the Year winner! But I’m personally feeling anxious for it to get here. I sure don’t want them to rush it, though. And what if they build it tomorrow? Isn’t “made on a Monday” bad luck? (just kidding).

More as it happens.


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