Chevrolet Bolt Wins Another Award


While anxiously reading every possible piece of news about the Chevrolet Bolt as I await mine, I learned that another award happened–Time magazine named the Bolt one of the 25  Best Inventions of 2016!

It does seem to be in between the too-expensive but long-range Tesla and the limited-range other guys in the Bolt’s price range.

Thanks, Time magazine.

I’ve been reading posts on Facebook from my Chevrolet Bolt EV Owners Group, and folks have a variety of things on their minds–some of which hadn’t crossed mine. I don’t really care how the heater works, for example, although it’s a question for EVs, which don’t have the radiator fluid to use as a source of heat. Some are waxing positive on the styling–others less so. The seats fit some but not all. People in states other than California and Oregon are grousing about having to wait for their dealers to have any in stock.

I’m expecting my car before January 1st, and every day I wait to hear if it’s built yet. But soon, this space will be where you can get the skinny on what it’s like to live with one of these groundbreaking cars.


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