Typical Weekend with My Electric Car

After a week of easy, pleasant commuting, Fidelio, my little blue Fiat 500e, proved excellent at taking me on some weekend errands.

On Saturday, I started out at Safeway, for some groceries and household items.


The rear area is great for small trips, without having to drop the back seat. I hope those 12 rolls of paper towels last a while. 🙂


Next, we drove a couple blocks to the Post Office.


I got a good place in the lot in front, between two hulking SUVs–a Ford Explorer and a Chevrolet Tahoe.


That was easy. Next, I drove home and picked up my bass and amps for a band practice at Ed’s place. Ed has lots of room for cars in his yard.


All my gear fits into the back, as long as I drop the rear seats.


I’d say that was a successful Saturday of schlepping around without using an ounce of gasoline.

On Sunday, I took Fidelio down to Pete’s Hardware to buy a few screws to fix my amplifier head. That was easy.


Ha ha – looks like my little car is getting sawed!

Sadly, when it came time to go to San Jose, 40 miles away, I had to leave him home and take my wife’s regular old gasoline car. The errands had used up just enough range to make an 80-mile round trip, mostly high-speed freeway driving, a little too close for comfort.

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